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Project Description

Rule18 is a clipboard assistant focused for presenters but can be used by anyone who needs snippets of text to be copied into the Windows clipboard at the press of a specific hotkey. No more copy/paste from notepad!
It is developed in C# using Visual Studio 2010.




  • Windows 7 is recommended for this tool, but is not specifically required.


This application has been developed originally by Robert MacLean, who was jealous of a text replacement system he had seen on an Apple Mac which looked great in presentations. He wanted to have something similar and so developed a small tool to load snippets of text into the clipboard (so not like the Mac tool). In the process he decided he wanted to do three other things
  • Develop it in WPF - the reasoning being, that the UI could look better with a gradient or something.
  • Develop it for Windows 7 - so it lights up the icon when you copy to the clipboard, and you can right click the icon to see what is loaded (in case you forget).
  • Spend time working on a UI that is intuitive - part of this app design was do not be a Windows app in feel. Rather have a very simple interface for working with the snippets - so some things like saving are automatic with hints when you do something it will do for you.


This application makes use of free icons from

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